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Frequently Asked Questions

What Should I Expect From My First Session?

In your first session I will be asking certain questions about you and your life.  This information will help me make an initial assessment of your situation.  Some examples of questions might be:

-Why did you seek therapy?

-What are your current symptoms?

-What is your current situation and personal history?

I encourage you to relax and try to be open with your answers and to ask questions.

Is my information confidential?

Yes! With two exceptions.  The first exception to confidentiality is if I discover that you intend to harm yourself or someone else.  In this situation, I am required by law to notify those in danger or your family so that harm to yourself is minimized.

The second exception to confidentiality is if I discover that you are participating in child or elder abuse or neglect.  In this situation, I am also mandated by law to report such findings.

What types of issues is Charla Wilson, LPC experienced with?

I have experience working with a wide range of issues that includes working with military personnel and  their families, in addition to the following:  depression, anxiety, adjustment disorders, grief/bereavement, LGBT issues, relationship issues, borderline personality disorder, PTSD and self esteem issues.

What are Some of Therapy Methods Used by Charla Wilson, LPC?

The therapeutic methods Charla uses are based on the needs of the client.  However, some of the methods I use includes, Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), Mindfulness Based Cognitive Behavior Therapy (MBCBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT),  and Person Centered Therapy

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