Pain Is Real, But So Is HOPE

What Can Counseling Do For Me?


Therapy Is Appropriate For You If:

- You struggle with any kind of substance abuse

- You have unresolved significant past trauma

- You try to focus on the future, but past issues keep interfering

-You feel so sad or distressed that you have thoughts of self harm

-You are having relationship issues

- You are feeling overwhelmed by life and are struggling with daily activities

-You have lost interest in things that used to bring you joy

- There has been infidelity within your relationship

- You have experienced the loss of someone or something important

- You are experiencing unresolved anger issues

-There are big changes occurring in your life, such as a career change, job loss, new family or moving to a different city

You are isolating yourself and feeling lonely-

-You are planning to get married.  - -Premarital counseling allows you to work on the many issues you are facing prior to the marriage

- You have poor self esteem

- You are struggling with an eating disorder

Services Offered

I offer counseling services for individuals, couples, families, adults, adolescents, and children.

Insurance and Fees

Pain Is Real, But so Is Hope